Xhorse VVDI Benz MB TOOL Key Programmer Including BAG Calculation V2.1.3

Xhorse VVDI Benz MB TOOL update to V2.1.3, and new version will add more function, details, we will attach it soon,

and for the old version, also add related benz serial list

===== BENZ V2.1.2 =====
Free download for the software V2.1.2

1. Attention: All user update device to firmware v2.1.2, software v2.1.2
2. User manual v1.6 released, overview v1.6 released
3. Support Repair KM: Menu->Special Function->KM Repair, support w204, w207, w212, w211, w166, w246, w231, w205
4. Support read/write gateway: Menu->Special Function->Read/Write CGW(ZGW)
5. Support Read/Activate blank BGA key(0CF4): Read Write Key->Read blank BGA(0CF4) EIS data
6. Support read current HASH in key(Repair key): Read Write Key->Key current HASH (Repair key)
7. Support unlock key track: EIS Tools->IR->Enable Key
8. Support another type (Continental)ISM read/write/erase
9. Bugfix