Why Dell D630 laptop is needed when buying SD Connect C4?

For the MB SD C4, when customer ask me which is the best laptop for this software, we choose DEll 630, this is the reasons for why.

  • Need to connect directly into a RS232 port without using an interface – this is why I went for the complete system with laptop.
  • There is a very specific set of COM ports you must use for it to work. For example you need DAS to be looking at COMx within the VM session, then VMware needs to redirect that to COMx which is a ‘physical’ serial port on your machine.
  • The PART W mux(SD connect C4) is and Ethernet/wifi connected system and that is the reason for use on other laptops—the issue is the operating system currently DAS Xentry only runs on XP.
  • If you ordered them together, you can use when you get it, no need send us code for active, and avoid many system questions.
  • Most customer told us DEll 630 software is fast, especially for Self-Checking.
  • You should note this, for this software hdd, cannot change laptop always, if not, software will damaged.

Package including:
1pc x SD C4 Multiplexer
1pc x OBDII 16PIN Cable
1pc x 38PIN Cable
1pc x 14PIN Cable
1pc x 4PIN Cable
1pc x Lan Cable
1pc x DELL D630