What Is the Different For Ktag V2.11 & Ktag V2.13

Today, one customer ask me what is the different for the Ktag ECU tunning tool, V2.11 and V2.13 (99USD with shipping now)

since obd16shop.com in the Halloween Treat now, Ktag V2.13 only 99USD, best price.

Ktag V2.13 and V2.11 same point:

1. They have same function, all can support unlimited tokens. even the version not the same.

2. Package in the full version, we will send you all cable, and Get free ECM TITANIUM V6.07

Different for how to add tokens free:

1. Tokens add not the same, Ktag V2.11, Add a Renew Button, when you run out of tokens, only need press the renew button, then you will have tokens again. easy!


2. Ktag V2.13, tokens add need use software, like the video show