VPECKER Easydiag Wireless OBDII Full Diagnostic Tool V13.0 Can Support More Cars

VPECKER Easydiag Wireless diagnostic scanner have update to the V13.0,

now, can support more cars:

1. Add PERSONA ENGINE Easy-U 1.0
2. Add New SAGA 2008~ 1.3L Engine,Transmission,Airbag.
3. Add New SAGA 2009~ 1.6L Engine,ABS,Transmission,Airbag.
4. Add EXORA 2009~ 1.6L Central electronic.
5. Add EXORA BOLD 2009 1.6L Engine,Transmission,ABS,Airbag,Central electronic and ESP.
6. Add PREVE 2012 1.6L Engine,Transmission,Airbag,Central electronic and ESP.
7. Add SUPRIMA 2013~ 1.6L Engine,ABS,Transmission,Airbag,Central electronic.

If you ordered the old version, and you can login official website, and update the software to the newest version.

Connecting with computer:

connection picture with computer

heartConnecting with Tablet  PC

connection picture with pc tabelet