V-checker iobd Module B341 OBD Diagnosis Tips

V-checker using tips: Question: Do I have to reset B341 for different vehicle? How to do the reset? Answer :  Yes, you do! When firstly installed on a vehicle, B341 will need to match with a proper communication protocol of the vehicle, if the matching is done .it will stick to this communication protocol. If…

VPECKER Easydiag OBDII Full Diagnostic Tool Update TO V8.7

Vpecker System Updated! V8.6 to V8.7! 1. Improve the display of “Online Store”. 2. Improve the display of “Feedback”. 3. Improve the WIFI connection. 4. Improve the Linklayer of communication. 5. Improve the Bluetooth communication. 6. Fix some bugs.

XTUNER E3 WINDOWS 10 Wireless OBDII Diagnostic Tool

Top 11 Reasons to Buy XTUNER E3 1. Languages avaliable: Supporting 25 languages, including Italian, Chinese (Simplified), English, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish,Turkish, Dutch, Hungarian, Korean, Czech, Arabic, Indonesian, Persian, Thai, Vietnamese, Finnish, Swedish, Romanian, Bosnian, etc. 2. Complete function capability including live data, ECU programming and so many others. 3. Unparalleled OBDII…

Vpecker OBDII Full Diagnostic Tool Update To V8.5

Vpecker OBDII Full Diagnostic Tool Update To V8.5 You can update online, when connect the device with laptop, install the update tool, then easy go to the newest version! New version V8.5 bring you highlights: 1. Improve the Login windows, the input text case – insensitive. 2. Improve the Online Store.   Newest car diagnostic…

Make Vpecker UI System Update to V8.4

Vpecker UI System Updated! V8.30 to V8.40! 1. Improve the DTC function display window. 2. Add LINK version reading in the About Me. 3. Improve the Work Shop Information display window. 4. Support PORSCHE PRO in the ESS. Process for how to update it, Can update new car software online, add more cars.

VPECKER Easydiag Wireless OBDII Full Diagnostic Tool DPF RESET Special Function Added

Special function: Battery configuration, ABS Bleeding, EPB, Oil Reset, TPMS MSS Updated! DPF RESET Special Function Added, covered up to 2014 models: CITROEN DAEWOO JAGUAR LANDROVER OPEL PEUGEOT SUBARU VAUXHALL MITSUBISHI PRO, Updated!  system V18.0 to V18.1 MITSUBISHI PRO, Updated!  system V18.0 to V18.1 MITSUBISHI PRO, Updated!  system V18.0 to V18.1 Add 1 version ID for ENGINE of the 2005 model year. Vpecker system V8.2  to V8.3 1. Beautiful action testing display interface. 2. Quick testing and connetion of WIFI….

Powerful VPECKER Easydiag Wireless OBDII Scanner Add Kia Cars List

Many cars software update regularlly, please go to official website download newest version. Update for Kia Car!      Covered up to 2015! Kia DSS—Kia ESS—-Kia  Pro , system V13.0 to V18.0, give you a more powerful device with new special functions. Kia special functions: 1. [N] Position The Adaptive 2. A/F Learning 3. A/F Value imposing 4. Auto Detected Configuration Reset 5. BSD Radar Calibration 6. Calibration 7. CLEAR CAN Learnable Status 8. Clutch Learning Reset 9. Current FOB Key Check 10. DCT Manual Input Function(Transmission Exchange) 11. ECM Neutralization 12. ECU Initialization 13. EMS Neutral Mode 14. Engine Test Off 15. EPS Type Recognition 16. ESCL ENABLE OUTPUT CHECK 17. ESCL OPEN STATUS CHECK 18. Get All S/W Version 19. IFU Neutralization 20. ISG TEST(Option) 21. LATERAL G SENSOR CALIBRATION 22. Limp Home Mode 23. LONG G SENSOR CALIBRATION(ONLY EPB) 24. Longitudinal G Sensor Calibration(HAC/DBC Only) 25. Neutral Mode 26. PAD Change Mode(After Change) 27. PAD Change Mode(Before Change) 28. Password Teaching/Changing 29. PRESSURE SENSOR CALIBRATION 30. Read VIN 31. Resetting Adaptive Values 32. Resetting Auto T/A Values 33. Resetting E – CVVT Values 34. Ring Break 35. Sensor Initialization 36. Smatra Neutral Mode 37. Update from CD etc.