OBDSTAR VAG PRO Operate Immo Function

OBDSTAR VAG PRO Immo function

Only have English version at present,

Special Function;
1. Mileage adjustment;
2. Read Security code;
3. Maintenance Reset ;
4. EPB(Electronic Park Brake);
5. TPS(Throttle Position Matching);
6. Program Keys;
7. Program Remote;
8. Replace Storage Battery;
9. Repair Airbags;
10. Steering Angle Learning;
OBDSTAR F-100 dealer code: 860755B1


When select immo:

obdstar-pro-2 obdstar-pro-3

immo function and code read, remote key program

obdstar-pro-4 obdstar-pro-5

Immo-remote program, can support Jetta (2001-2015)

obdstar-pro-6 obdstar-pro-7