How to use adapter Baby Remote Controls for locksmith

Adapter Baby Remote Controls Easy Match Necessay For All Locksmiths

If you’re an experienced technicians in automotive locksmithing area, you must have meet those problems:
Strange car models,  strange remote controls,  device matching failure, communication failure,  Or original materials are very expensive.
All those problems make you lose customers but you can do nothing.
Now the Adapter Bady can help you solve the problems easily.

Using Instructions:

1. Welding the car remote control to the host of Adapter-Baby
2. Fix the Adapter-Baby to the car, plug it to the OBD port to get power supply.
3. Press learn key,  it learns the new remote, and can be used.

baby-remote-01 baby-remote-02

baby-remote-03 baby-remote-04



baby-remote-07 baby-remote-08