How To Active WAS Multi-Diag Truck Diagnostic Software When It Expired?

MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS diagnostic tool need active, and how?

My answer:

You should back us this related ID picture to us, then we will help you active it,
in our item page, we have related video for how to install software, and how to get this ids.


Maybe after you used the device for 2-3 year, system will remind you the software expired, then you should reset your computer,
and reinstall the software again, and give us related ID.
after activated, it will be ok.

(Actually, this is the feedback from my customer, he has used WAS truck tool  for 3 years, and i helped him active it yesterday even it was remind software has expired
so we all think this is a good truck diagnostic tool)

WAS Multi-Diag Truck Diagnostic Tool 

it is the most powerful diagnostic tool for heavy duty bus, and light vehicles, melt MAN CAT III, Renalt DIAG NG3, DAF VCI 560, IVECO EASY, MB SD Connect C4, Scania VCI2 all function in one.

Highlight for this WAS truck tool is much better on Mercedes Benz, MAN, DEUTZ, VOLVO, SCANIA, Renault those vehicles diagnose.

Support DAF Truck function like Dignose, Messwearte, Ecu Date, Stellglieder, Steuergerate-Daten, Parameter, Kalibrieren, Rucksetzen, Manueller Prozess

WAS Multi-Diag Truck Diagnostic Tool WIth Bluetooth Multi-Language Heavy Duty 2011C