Customer Share Digiprog 3 Update Process To V4.94

Chris Lund, one of my regular customer in Sweden, have ordered one digiprog 3 mileage corrector V4.88, but he told me cannot support cars in 2013. and newer car, so we advice he update to the V4.94.

This is what we chat:

Chris Q: How long does it take for the update?

My A: Tech told me usually need 20 mins, but this depends on your system speed. and  you should follow the update tips,

Chris Q: But i just use 5 mins, then pewered on and all looks well, it say V4.94.

Chris Q: I have test this cars, and all can support:

newer car like the w212 2013.  But not W207. 2012/2013

enlightenedTips for Updating: (Customers must read it)

1) You must provide correct serial number for update.

2) Be sure the power supply is full and connected well with the computer. Update will takes 15-20 min.
3) Make sure your computer will not become standby status or screen saver state when updating.
4) The power supply can not be stopped during the update and make sure it is stable for use.
5) It requires for windows xp professional sp3 system 32bit
6)You must close anti-virus software or uninstall it, otherwise will cause your device blue screen.
7) Make sure the machine S/N is the same as the update file S/N. Be sure update file has Digi1.bin and Digi2.bin
8) You must choose Digi1.bin when update