How to connect BMW ICOM A2 Wifi

heartHow to connect BMW ICOM A2 Wifi 

BMW ICOM A2 have newest version 2015.07

1. Insert D-LINK
2. Start your computer
3. Double click “ISPI-NEXT Admin Tools” shortcuts on your desktop, wait about 20 seconds until the software startup.
4. Select “Wifi For ICOM”, wait about 5 seconds until it ticks.
5. At this time, you can check Wifi connection in your phone, you will find Wifi name “ISAP” after D-LINK successfully startup.
6. Connect ICOM to vehicle.
7. After ICOM SYSTEM light stop flashing, WLAN light will flash for several seconds then keep on, it means ICOM is successfully connected to the computer.

1. USB WIFI Connection:

2. The computer comes with wifi off, or otherwise add wifi can not be opened, the computer can only have our equipment usb wifi,
wired Ethernet port can not connect to the network, the device can not connect the network cable

3. After confirm all the tips, then turn on the computer.

4. After Power on the laptop, you should confirm all net is off, and not connect to internet.

5. Open the BMW ICOM software.

6. Conenct the cars with ICOM A2 device, wait 20-60 seconds, then you can see the WIFI light on the device flash, or always on.
this mean the wifi connect well.

7. You can start work with diagnostic, or programming.

8. This table cannot close, only can make it Minimum.

9, Check the software can recognize the device.