CGDI BMW F series coding Steps

CGDI BMW F series coding guide Connect CGDI BMW Pro to the car via OBD and click on “BMW F series coding”. 2.Choose ECU info Note: this function needs to connect the internet, please confirm the network is connected, click ECU info. After reading ECU successfully, click on 3. FEM_BODY Click on “Backup coding”, then “Yes”….

CGDI BMW F series enable & disable key guide

CGDI BMW F series enable the key guide After connecting the CGDI BMW and vehicle via OBD, click on “BMW enable/disable key”. Click on “Display key information”. Read succeed Choose the key position you want to enable and click on “Enable the key”. Put the key vertically in the key induction area of the direction…

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Update to V2.2.0 Add BMW F series coding and BMW EGS function

CGDI BMW V2.2.0 update:(must have another cgdi programmer together to open BMW F series coding and BMW EGS function ) 1. Increase BMW F series coding, restore coding and backup coding. 2. Add BMW EGS function. 3. Add read/write BMW CAS ISN (4 bytes) feature. 4. Modify software auto activation display, increase user interaction. 5….

What Are The Differences Betwween Kinds of Autel Diagnotisc Tools ? Maxisys Elite,Maxisys MS906 ,DS808 and others .

What Are The Differences Betwween Kinds of Autel Diagnotisc Tools ? Maxisys Elite,Maxisys MS906 ,DS808 and others . You can download the photo and check To check products on the photo : Maxisys Elite,  Maxisys Pro Maxisys MS906 DS808

Upgrade for VPECKER E4 Multi Functional Tablet Diagnostic Tool Wifi Scanner for Andorid

Upgrade for VPECKER E4 Multi Functional Tablet Diagnostic Tool Wifi Scanner for Andorid HYUNDAI V22.0 1.Updated Europe/General Area vehicle coverage up to 2019. 2.Added 23 Vehicle models:ACCENT(HC), ACCENT(HCI), ACCENT/SOLARIS(HCR), CRETA(GS), CRETA(GSB), CRETA(GSR), ELANTRA(ADI), G70(IK), GALLOPER-2(M1)-PDF, GENESIS COUPE(BK)-U.S., GENESIS(BH)-U.S., GRANDEUR/AZERA(IG), H350(EU), i30(PD), i30(PDE), i30N(PDEN), IONIQ PHEV(AE PHEV), KONA(OS), SONATA HYBRID(LF HEV), SONATA HYBRID(LF HEV)-U.S., TUCSON(LM)-BRAZIL, TUCSON(TLe), TUCSON(TLI). 3.Added 19 kinds of special functions:12V Current Sensor Offset Correction Function,Air Cut Off Valve Open Mode,Alternator TEST,AMP Operation Test,Assembly Check,Assembly Check (ECU replacement),AT Adaptation Mode,AVM Calibration,AVM Tolerance compensation – Auto,Break Pad Change Mode,BSD variant coding,Checking the wear amount of clutch,Clutch compensation value setting,,Engine Clutch/Motor Resolver Adaptation,Engine coolant filling mode,EOP TEST (Electric Oil Pump Test),EPCU (MCU) self – diagnosis function,Erase Network Configuration,Fluid Circulation Mode,G – Sensor Calibration,Headrest Setting,High Pressure Release Mode,HPCU (MCU/GCU) self – diagnosis function,Immobilizer Reset,Initialization of Automatic Resolver Offset Calibration,Initialization of rear door curtains,Initialization of the engine clutch inspection line learning and diagnostic information,LEARNT KEYS,Master Key Delete,Master Key Record/Change,MOBIS MDPS Torque Test,Pad Change Mode,PCSV TEST (Option),Power Tailgate Mode Configuration,Removal of air from engine clutch hydraulic pressure line,Seat Limit Position Setting State,SJB TEST,SOC Calibration,Solenoid valve inspection for hydrogen tank,SPC Calibration,Stabilization of the engine clutch hardware transfer torque. KIA V22.0 1.Updated Europe/General Area vehicle coverage up to 2017. 2.Added 7 Vehicle models:CADENZA(YG),CERATO/FORTE(YDm),Niro(DE HEV),OPTIMA HEV(JF HEV),OPTIMA PHEV(JF PHEV),OPTIMA(JFA) – For Mexico only,SPORTAGE(QL). 3.Added 10 kinds of special functions:Camera image correction function,Checking the wear amount of clutch,Clutch compensation value setting,Engine Clutch / Motor Resolver Adaptation,HPCU (MCU / GCU) self – diagnosis function,Initialization of the engine clutch inspection line learning and diagnostic information,ISG (Idle Stop and Go) System Check,Removal of air from engine clutch hydraulic pressure line,SOC Calibration,Stabilization of the engine clutch hardware transfer torque.

Digimaster iii “Obtain BIOS fails, please repower” Problem Solved!

Digimaster III Original Odometer Correction Tools Update Online 1.DigimasterIII works with various types of adapter you can easily achieve odometer correction,Audio decoding,airbag resetting,engine ECU resetting,IMMO,programming key for Benz &BMW etc. 2.Original Yanhua Brand. with High Quality 3.It contains the advanced technology of programming new keys for BMW and Benz, CAS-BDM reading/writing and resetting 4.Digimaster III…

Scania VCI-3 SDP3 Update to V2.35 Newest and Free Download

Scania VCI-3 SDP3 V2.35 Diagnos & Programmer Software + Activation without Dongle Scania SDP3 Features: Check and adjustements Conversion Maintenance Campaign Bodywork Fault Codes Fault Reporting Programming of Control units Scania VCI-3 SDP3 V2.35 Free Download  password : scania2018@ Supported languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Turkish, Italian, Czech,…

Update Instructions for Lonsdor K518ise Added Hibernation Function

Updated Device: Lonsdor K518 Updated Condition: for all K518 devices with working normally Updated Content: Added Hibernation function; Kernel update supported Updated Version: K518 APK V1.5.25 Preparation for Update: Power on the device or keep the battery level over 80%. Make sure wifi network is in good condition and the device receives signal normally; Update steps: Click [Onekey…

Lonsdor K518ise Free update on April 12th 2018

Lonsdor K518ise Free update[April 12, 2018] Chip generation& Chip Recognition&Frequency detection 3 Wings attached on All in one K518ise New Wings hidden in the special function New Arrivals Supported Chip Generation 4D Chip 46 Chip 48 Chip T5 Chip 7935 Chip Chip Identification Chip Identification Frequency Detection Remote